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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question 1, Can anyone learn aerobatics?
  2. Question 2, What do I need to get an aerobatics endorsement?
  3. Question 3, Will I get airsick doing aerobatics?
  4. Question 4, I'm not a pilot, can I go for an aerobatic ride?
  5. Question 5, Is flying aerobatics expensive?
  6. Question 6, Can I hire the aeroplane solo?
  7. Question 7, Can I take a friend on an aerobatic flight?
  8. Question 8, Can I compete in aerobatic competitions?
  9. Question 9, Can I make a video of my aerobatic flight?

Answer 1:

Well, not with Ozaeros as we are not a Part 141/142 Flying School so you should have a pilot licence to do the training.

Answer 2:

To be granted an aerobatic endorsement you must have an aeroplane pilot licence and a spinning endorsement (which may be done in conjunction with the aerobatic training). Furthermore, to conduct aerobatics you will need a Class 1 or Class 2 medical certificate.

Answer 3:

The training programme is organised to minimise any nausea and mostb people find that when they are doing the flying that there is no tendency to be airsick.

Answer 4:

Not with Ozaeros as we don't have CASA approvals for anything other than training in these specific endorsements to those who meet the requirements.

Answer 5:

If you are into flying then you know how expensive it is comapred to other sports. Aerobatic aeroplanes are typically more expensive to rent compared to similar types however aerobatic flights are generally short therefore the sport of aerobatics can be quite economical.

Answer 6:

Yes, subject to maintenance of your competency and currency with regular dual checks.

Answer 7:

Yes, you will be trained in taking care of your passenger during aerobatics.

Answer 8:

Yes, Ozaeros specialises in competition aerobatics. The Super Decathlon is available to approved pilots for graduate and Sportsman contest categories.

Answer 9:

Yes, if the passenger carries the camera by hand or if the camera is mounted on your body or headset. The Super Decathlon does not have CASA approval to mount a camera to it, neither external nor internal.